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The Journal is provided by the Illawarra Gestalt Centre as a part of our Community Support work and contains articles related to spiritual development, psychology, arts, teaching, holistic healing - a base for people to write about their spiritual backgrounds, and to focus on how they bring their spiritual beliefs into practice – a lived spirituality.



The journal is both wide ranging and cohesive, with a focus on pragmatism and the integration of diversity. Writers are invited to share their applications of mainstream and alternative practices, across a range of spiritual beliefs, from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Sufism, to the works of people such as Julian of Norwich, Rudolph Steiner, Martin Buber, Theresa of Avila, Swedenborg, Sri Aurobino, Ghandi, Hafiz, Blake, Wordsworth, Kahlil Gibran, - the list is endless.


         Editorial Board

The journal’s Editorial Board are people from psychotherapy, spiritual practices and holistic health who have come together to launch the venture.



         Writing for the Journal and Mailing List for Updates

If you are interested in writing, being on the editorial board, or finding out more about the journal, as well as being on the mailing list for updates please email the editor, Brian O’Neill, at  boneill@uow.edu.au 



New writers will be assisted to shape what they want to write with an action editor and pieces can be small or longer, poetry, reviews of films or books or for many authors it has been a sharing of their spirituality and how they apply that in their life: a journal of spiritual life.



The journal began as a print hard copy and will now be offered as an electronic publication.  Copies of the previous volumes are listed below and volume 3 no. 1 will be available as soon as there is sufficient material to publish.

InnerSense Journal: A Journal of Spiritual Life