Text Box: Poetry and Spirituality 1

Surrendering  by Yaro Starak

How do birds fly?
They fall and fall
And falling
They are given wings!

How do I love you?
I surrender and surrender
And surrendering
I am given eternity with you!

How will I survive your absence?
I will write poetry
Sing songs and dance
Doing and Being
Will save me from sorrow!

For laughter is the way of lovers
They live and die tickled by bliss
Smiling with each other
Knowing the return that is coming!

Poetry and Spirituality 2

Options for Today       
By Malcolm Parlett

 We live, I know, in times not certain,
 And waking thoughts can fix on this.
 We fret, then sigh as draw the curtain,
 And stretch, look far, but never miss
 The slightest sign of ill to come.
 But signs cannot, by definition,
 Offer much for knowing sure,
 Life subtracts in mid addition,
 Uncertain all is less or more.

 Down generations it's always been,
 Like worries over harvest's gifts,
 Or conscripts' future war zone seen.
 Future speculating no spirits lifts,
 But flitters, renders less robust.
 Now it's lamentations re- the banks,
 And unemployment's heading up,
 Government's damned, for sure no thanks,
 Media are promising empty cup.

 I want me a different story for today,
 A daffodil-like statement to assert
 That I'm alive, health's more OK
 Than not, my body isn't yet inert,
 And from my brain I squeeze this verse!
 Steadier thoughts I can assemble,
 Avoiding rutted tracks of worry,
 If fear rises then let body tremble,
 Then relax the thinking from its hurry.

 So calmly, gently rediscover things,
 Blessings, sources of delight,
 That lift our thoughts as if on wings,
 With day to live before the night
 When slumber overtakes my life.
 Above all else a chance to laugh
 With world surveyed through eyes of clown,
 See one absurdity then, and half,
 And free my visage from its frown.


By Malcolm Parlett

dry after wet,
light after dark,
warmth after cold,
relaxation after effort,
happiness after misery,
delight after despondency,
funniness after seriousness,
jubilation after tendentiousness,
rhapsodic play after over-working,
gargantuan excesses after starving,
magical moments after boring chores,
amazing electricity after times without it,
catapulting energy after sedentary period,
damp squibs after having great expectations,
thinking of things to put into this after drying up

Poetry and Spirituality 3

To My Community

By Philip Oldfield

That love is the ground of all meaning
and love endures and can never be snuffed out.

That meaning comes from doing and engaging,
some times alone, but always carrying with us
those to whom we belong so that we never truly travel alone

That grief is a not a punishment but an experience
that offers to draw us closer to what we love
and unites us in our resolve to never let a hurt
or a defeat be the last word, but to continue to
live and find new connection

That  the world is a fascinating and endlessly 
rich place to live in and that the past is not dead
but alive with the beauty and creativity
of those who have come before us seeking a good life.

That the legacy we leave does not disappear
when we are gone but this lives in the hearts and
the shining eyes of those we have touched.

That love heals.

That children have the only wisdom that is
pure and sometimes if we are lucky and wise,
so do very old people.

That the sun will rise tomorrow and we
must be ready to greet it and ask what we can do
in the day that is given to us.

That the night is not an invitation to begin to fear
the dark and the loss of the day but to come home
to the hearth and to be in the warm company
of loved ones and to rest.

That wisdom is simplicity.

That warmth is felt touch.
That eyes speak of the soul and our hearts
must learn to embrace more if we are to be
richly alive and to carry life forward.

Thank you all who have walked
with me on this journey for showing
me yourselves so I can know more fully
how to live well.

I cannot and will not do it alone.
You are now always in my heart.
Thank you.

(This poem is Phil’s tribute to the Community if the Sydney Gestalt Institute)

Poetry and Spirituality 4

The Story of Shadow Tree & Ghost Bird Heron

By Mala Henderson

I feel the breath of

Earth and Sky

Love & Hate

You & Me

All wild creatures

and the slow sentience of rocks

joined endlessly in a spiral of Being

returning with the seed-treasures of future knowing that keep my Wild and Risky dreams alive