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Sacred Texts of Spirituality and World Religions

Alongside the experiences and spiritual paths that exist there are such a rich and wide ranging  texts which to many are sacred. Sacredness can be both religious and not and there is a movement in psychology to connect the two more fully.

For people whose spiritual experience is linked to a religion, these texts are experienced as a revelation from God and this can also allow for an integration with psychology and psychotherapy.

Here are links to various sites which offer further resources to expand and connect religions and spiritual paths in  harmony while supporting difference. As the developer of the Internet Sacred Texts Site states : “This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship



“For many psychotherapists, the inclusion of the sacred would be a foreign body, implying sentimental excess, authoritarian impermissibility, rote activity, religious monopoly, etc. At root it is neither.  A new look at the realm of the sacred will tell a different story; that the concept can offer insights into the deepest offerings of psychotherapy, as it already has in religion

The general function of the sacred is to accentuate the lived life; to cherish, to hallow, to enshrine, to honor that which has a special place in your life, inviolate to the flow of everyday events.”

Erving Polster

Author and



Internet Sacred

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Wayne Teasdale’s book seeks to enhance an inter-spirituality


It is supported by a community of people who wish to build on this

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Tom Butler-Bowdon’s book “50 Spiritual Classics” offers commentary on 50 of the world’s spiritual writers from A-Z

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Offers free downloads of all major spiritual practices and religions   Go to Site